How It Works



Circle Represents Your “CORE” Business Foundation!

(this is where Restaurants make most their “non-tourist” money!)

Step 1:

We help you SELECT the QUANTITY and “BEST” Birthday Groups to Invite within this circle.

We Purchase and Screen them from 5 different sources of PUBLIC RECORD DATA which includes NEW MOVERS INTO YOUR AREA!

Step 2:

We customize a suggested HIGH ROI birthday mailer for your particular business!

  • Using your photos or our stock designs
  • Then e-mail it to you for approval or changes

Step 3:

We mail them for you!

  • At just the right time…automatically every month!

You just take care of all the EXTRA business!

Step 4:

Then automatically follow-up with the responses and everyone that came with the birthday group once a month via E-mail, Mobile marketing and/or Facebook with Various Special Intelligence Software methods. This allows you to keep in touch with your customers and remind/reward/incentivize them to come back frequently.

We can also follow up with them with Thank You Direct mailers.

Step 5:

We will Track your Sales, Gross Net Profit, Customer Types, Customer Satisfaction, Additional Tips, Server Ratings, and much more with our Revolutionary NetPro™ Tracking System.  Each Birthday mailer has our
One-of-a-Kind Data tracking Card attached to it.